Who and what is Takeoff Copenhagen?

Takeoff Copenhagen is founded and built by passionate sneakerheads, from the heart of Nørrebro. We felt that something was missing in the sneaker culture in Denmark, a physical store, passionate about sneakers. This later became Takeoff Copenhagen, first with an address on Jagtvej, Nørrebro and now in 2021 with an address on Vingårdstræde in Copenhagen K. With countless years deep in the sneaker culture on a global level, and now with tailor-made premises, we at Takeoff Copenhagen are ready to to show Denmark what sneaker culture is.

Takeoff Copenhagen is, as said, driven by many years of longing for sneakers. This means that we are not only involved in each exciting new release, but we also provide the sneakers with history with us. We bring what you so rarely see in the streets; the best, largest and most limited sneakers in the world.

All of our sneakers are 100% authentic, and as we have sold tens of thousands of shoes since 2015 we value first and foremost that not a single replica is sold. You can trust our team of authenticators to verify all of our shoes legitimacy. You can even visit the store and have your sneakers legit checked.

We bring what we feel has been missing in Denmark.
We are your way to exclusive and limited sneakers.

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