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Embarking on this journey with us are  more than 3250 subscribers at the moment. While we're relatively new to newsletters, our shared passion is noticeble and we are excited to bring even more people with us.
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At Takeoff Copenhagen, you'll discover over 850 distinct, handpicked sneakers. From timeless classics to rare gems, there's something to satisfy every taste.
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For us at Takeoff Copenhagen it goes beyond just selling sneakers. We felt that something was missing in the sneaker culture in Denmark, a physical store, passionate about sneakers. This later became Takeoff Copenhagen. We bring what we feel has been missing in Denmark. We are your way to exclusive and limited sneakers. 

With our newsletter, we want to take time to appreciate the rich history and culture that sneakers have brought. We want to celebrate the legacy, artistry, and stories within the pairs. In our newsletter passion meets purpose, where we come by different topics! 

Our newsletters are your exclusive gateway to the heart of sneaker culture. Brace yourself for in-depth explorations of the latest trends, the newest releases, deep looks into historical sneakers, and a hand-picked selection of collectible releases. Each edition will take you into the world where style meets history, and where the passion for sneakers knows no bounds.
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